Why PC Repair Network

Convenient Drop Off Locations

We understand having computer repair readily available when you need it is vitally important, so The PC Repair Network is establishing a network of drop off centers for your convenience. The customer service representatives at these locations are friendly and courteous and will assist you with checking in and scheduling your computer for fast and efficient repair through The PC Repair Network. We will be where you need us when you need us.

Earn Money for your Referral

At The PC Repair Network we believe in creating opportunities for everyone. Why not earn money for your referral? That is why we have created the PCN referral program. All you have to do is refer a friend, business associate, classmate, family member, team member, mentor, colleague, or just a plain old stranger and we will pay you for your referral. It’s that simple! Connect with us today and start earning extra cash the fast, easy and honest way.

FREE Diagnostics

Do you just need to speak with someone about you computer problem? Could you use an honest opinion from a true and seasoned PC Support Specialist? Then simply pick up the phone and take advantage of our “no strings attached” Completely FREE consultation for you Laptop repair or Desktop computer repair. You might be surprised at what you learn about your computer.

Same Day Service

PC Repair Network knows that you rely on your computer so we provide the quickest turnaround in the industry. Our systematic procedure for repairing PC’s will guarantee you fast and efficient computer repair when you need it wherever you are.

Save Money

At The PC Repair Network, we are known for our down to earth attitudes, friendly courteous service. Let us help you help yourself with easy computer repair and laptop repair.  We are teachers not just technicians. We want our customer to learn how to solve simple problem for themselves. This will eventually save you time and money. Once you become a PC Repair Network customer, you have the privilege of calling our 24 hour help desk service to assist you in solving simple, confusing and frustrating problems absolutely free. This is Just a one more of the valuable benefits of becoming a PC Repair Network customer.